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SebastianHi there! I'm Sebastian, Hairy Patron of Young Action Online. Welcome to my part of the website.

When I heard that the Chair of Tymes Trust was sending out Beanie Bears I was a little concerned. They can be quite naughty sometimes, especially if they get bored. I needn't have worried though; Cheryll Neyt has sent us evidence that her Bear, Fudge, is finding out that there is plenty to do in Yorkshire!

All spiders like poetry (did you know that?) so I am very pleased to present the august works of Sazza Holmes, Mark Daffin and Ilona. I don't just collect poems about me though - I have a thought-provoking one I received from Matthew Geake in December 1999, and one about horses from Anna Daffin which I have been saving until now.

Of course, being the most intelligent spider that has ever existed anywhere in the known universe, I am also the most modest and charming. Because of this, I have naturally been appointed official Spin Doctor for YAOnline. Sorry Tone, I'm taken.

My hero is Mr Toad of Toad Hall (it was my influence with Toad that got permission for a quote from Wind in the Willows to appear in Colby's book). Toad and I share special qualities which means we are both destined to go places. I have not yet decided where, but when I do, you will be the first to know.

I am so clever at writing that I have been dubbed Inky Winky Spider. Here is a poem about my favourite subject (myself):

There was a young spider called Seb
Who bounced up and down on his web;
He loved going online
On sweet Cy-bugs to dine
And now he's become a Celeb.

Although I am a Celeb, I am not stuck up or unapproachable, and you are welcome to contribute to my page. Here is a poem (about me of course) and food - my second favourite subject. Finish Verse 2 and you could be calling up your own poem.

This is me, Seb, saying good bye. Goodbye.

Inky Winky Spider
Surfed around the Net
Downloaded Cy-bugs
And ate and ate and ate.
Up stamped Jane Colby
To disconnect the main
So Inky Winky Spider
Came back off-line again.

Inky Winky Spider
Called up the new Website
Downloaded Cy-bugs
And stuffed his face all night...

From Ilona:

...But when it got to morning
He just could eat no more
His belly bulged and then he found
His jaw was getting sore.

But all those little Cy-bugs!
His eyes were hungry still
So then he thought "What if I could
Make hunger come at will?"
He hasn't found this easy
And wouldn't mind a hand
Although he wouldn't say, of course;
(His pride - you understand)

Here is a superb poem about my species which I have been sent.
Congratulations to the author Mark Daffin who is 14.

Mark has obviously researched his subject thoroughly; he has noticed that I have been awarded the Order of the Golden Web (OGW) and am in fact a Golden Website Spider. This is, I assume, why he has cleverly mentioned my distant cousin, the golden wandering spider. (I can change colour at will though, which they can't).

I Hate The Spider

I hate the spider
I hate the spider
I hate the way it scuttles and crawls
And spins cobwebs on my bedroom walls.

I love the spider
I love the spider
I love the way it runs and leaps
And stealthily round the house it creeps.

I hate the spider
I hate the spider
I hate its long hairy legs
Its bulbous abdomen and malevolent round eyes
Its gleaming fangs to pierce flies.

I love the spider
I love the spider
I love its pulsing and scary names
just listen to them: tarantula, bird eating
black widow, funnel web
and orb and garden and house

and trapdoor
and baboon
crab spider, common meta, jumping
so keep your small soft hamsters and your doe eyed rabbits,
I'll take
The golden wandering spider
and the African wind. Oh I love the spider!

Mark Daffin

I have been promoted! Thank you Sazza!

Sir Sebastian

Sebastian is a spider…
His head shouldn't get much wider!

Seb is round and chunky
But we love him 'cos he's funky.

Whether he has had ME
Remains a Tymes Trust mystery -

Still he champions our cause
We salute you, Oh Seb of 2 fours!

He is the King of Arachnids - fantastic
Intercepting the flies on a throne of elastic.
A self-spun web of awareness BOMBASTIC!!

Sazza Holmes

The Adventures of Fudge...

Fudge goes for a ride
fudge goes for a ride
It all started with a ride on a motorbike ...
... to the seaside, for some general sightseeing and lazing around in the sun ...
Fudge has a day at the seaside
fudge has a day at the seaside
Fudge goes for a night out
fudge goes for a night out
... and of course, seaside resorts have nightclubs ...
... you never know who you are going to meet ...
Fudge meets the rich and famous
fudge meets the rich and famous
Fudge wants to be a rock star
fudge wants to be a rock star
... or what ambitions might result!

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