Five Strong Reasons to Consider Volunteering as a Teen


As a teenager, have you considered volunteering your time to a community or charitable effort recently? Many organizations appreciate teen volunteers. The experience of donating your time can offer big rewards, too. Just consider these five strong reasons to apply to work as a teen volunteer:


  1. You’ll Help Others.


Volunteer positions offer the opportunity to assist other people in a selfless yet meaningful way. Whether you serve refreshments to people in storm shelters, walk homeless pets at a local pound, or sell cookies to raise money for scholarship programs, a volunteer effort may ultimately contribute to the greater good. Some hospitals, nursing homes, schools and food banks depend extensively upon capable volunteer labor to help brighten the day of people in need, for instance.


  1. Volunteering Will Reinforce Your Sense of Self-esteem.


When you take the time to volunteer on a regular basis, you’ll notice you feel better about yourself, too. Donating your labor to assist others provides a great way to reinforce your own self-esteem. If you’ve struggled with feeling blue or unaccepted, consider joining a volunteer program: you’ll notice people really appreciate you!


  1. Evaluate Future Career Choices More Effectively.


Sometimes volunteer programs help teens evaluate future career options more intelligently. For instance, if you volunteer time in a blood drive campaign, but the sight of blood makes you queasy, you may not want to spend years training as a nurse or an EMT later. On the other hand, you may undertake a volunteer program which brings new enthusiasm into your life. Perhaps you’ve considered pursuing training to become a teacher? Volunteering to tutor other students could help you assess your suitability for a career in education. From volunteer programs assisting in public libraries to appearing in theatrical productions, you can select settings of interest to you as you think about possible future work environments.


  1. Acquire Valuable New Skills.


Many volunteer programs enable teen volunteers to learn useful new skills. For instance, if you volunteer in a veterinary clinic, you may gain an opportunity to learn how to hold animals correctly during veterinary procedures. By volunteering in a food bank, you may learn basic information about good nutrition. Volunteering to sell baked goods for worthy causes might help give you sales training you can utilize later in life. Most volunteer positions offer a valuable opportunity to develop new skill sets.


  1. Strengthen College And Employment Applications.


Teen volunteers obtain another specific advantage: they gain experience which may help support a future application. Many admissions committees give preference to students who donate their time to assist others. You’ll also possibly gain favorable references from volunteer program coordinators to assist you in searching for employment.


A Personally Satisfying Experience


Today, many teens selflessly volunteer time and effort for the sake of a worthy cause. This activity may help you develop lifelong friendships and interests. If you have an opportunity to participate in an appealing volunteer program as a teenager, consider accepting the challenge!